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How to build your own Reptile Cage

By: Discount Reptile Cages

Build your own Reptile Cage by following these steps


Here's a few tips on not only how to build a reptile (snake or Lizard) cage, but also what you NEED to consider before you "break ground" on your reptiles future abode. This may sound basic but first consider what kind of snake/lizard/reptile is going to be living in the cage you are building.


 You need to think about the following for your cage:


-Whether it will need to have a large opening for access (will your pet grow much larger than it is now)?


-Does your reptile or lizard need lots of natural and/or artificial sunlight?


-Will the cage be kept indoors or outdoors and is the material you are planning to use able to stand up to the weather (if it's outdoors)?


-Will you be "misting" your lizard or reptile with water often or does your pet need lots of water to drink?


-Should you use sand or maybe some alternative flooring (substrate) for your pet depending on their natural habitat and what you know about what is best for them.


-What size and type of lighting will your snake or lizard need and how will you set up the cage for the light (and heat) to be enough for your reptile's needs. **This is VERY important to remember** Don't leave your pet out in the cold :)


Done?...Great Job now here's the next step...


Once you have some idea of the following and considered what will best suit the needs of the pet go ahead and create a diagram or sketch of the cage you have in your head. This is something most people (especially us guys) like to try to skip, but like the saying goes "measure once cut twice or measure twice cut once", basically if you don't draw it out, including the measurements, and make any necessary adjustments you will waste time and materials and your little pet will remain homeless.


 Make sure you draw out in details some basics like how the lighting and heating will be used, how you will be able to access the pet, how will you clean the cage when needed and should there be an extra access for that, measure to make sure the cage is large enough for your pet when it reaches it's full growth.


Afterward, don't forget to think about if you'll use screws, nails, staples, etc, because you'll no doubt need to get these supplies from your local store or somewhere else and no use in trying to figure that out in the store without any idea if you can avoid it.


Now head to the store to get your supplies!


After you have all the pieces and supplies needed from your hardware store or wherever, decide if there are certain cuts or things that should be done first. I suggest cutting all the pieces needed to size BEFORE you start assembling anything. Imagine having half of the cage built, or worse all of it, then having to tweak or adjust something that requires you to disassemble the entire thing. It happens, don't be a victim. (ask me how I know)


 If you have all the cuts and supplies ready to go now is the time to use patience and THINK things through. Even a better idea, have a "dry run" at the build by pretending you are putting pieces together but not actually doing so. This will let you see if you have thought through all the details needed and we usually always forget something.


Once you see that your master plan is going to work start building! This is the fun part, but make sure you don't over tighten screws or anything that could "strip" in the materials you're using. Just a word to the wise. Once you've gotten the cage built, the LAST thing you need to do is take a step back...cross your arms...and say "man that's a beautiful thing!". You've done well and deserve a little pat on your own back.




 I hope these tips helped and following them will have your reptile on to bigger and better things (their new home!)and you can have the bragging rights when people ask where you got the new cage from. I wish you the best!!



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